SlowMo Ease with yoyoMode

This movie requires Flash Player 9

I have an exciting update for you regarding GreenSock’s SlowMo ease. There is a new feature called yoyoMode which allows you to easily synchronize fade, de-blur and other effects with positional SlowMo tweens. yoyoMode configures a SlowMo ease to tween to a target value, hold throughout the linear portion and then tween back to the original value. Prior to yoyoMode being invented it was quite awkward to synchronize a fade-in and fade-out tween with items that were being moved by a SlowMo ease.  It is now super simple.

I have created a new video and updated the SlowMo Ease Visualizer to make this incredibly easy to understand.

Get up to speed fast with the yoyoMode video

Watch the video directly on YouTube (great for mobile devices).

Updated SlowMo Ease Visualizer now with yoyoMode

This movie requires Flash Player 9

The most unique aspect about a tween using a SlowMo ease with yoyoMode is that it’s a tween that ends where it begins. Since it can use the same linearRatio and power params of a positional SlowMo ease you can now combine a multitude of SlowMo effects with perfect timing.

The code below illustrates how to have an object fade-in while the text is easing into its linear motion and then fade out as the text accelerates off stage:

//move text left to right, 5, {x:600, ease:SlowMo.ease.config(0.7, 0.7, false)}); 
//fade text from alpha 0 to alpha 1 and back to alpha 0
TweenLite.from(myText, 5, {alpha:0, ease:SlowMo.ease.config(0.7, 0.7, true)});

Learn more about how SlowMo ease works.

Download the demo file


*the zip only includes the Flash CS4 fla. You will need to download GSAP v12 from GreenSock

GreenSock Animation Platform Coming to JavaScript
Be sure to watch the entire video above to see a sneak peak of the SlowMo ease working in JavaScript. It’s amazing. Due to some frames dropping during recording, the video is not a smooth as real life. Trust me though, the js version is screaming fast.

Thanks for watching. Stay tuned for more exciting news about GSAP v12 in both its Flash and JavaScript flavors.


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    Exciting stuff, especially the JS port!

  • Using SlowMo ease for a project at the moment. NICE!!!!!!! And again, saving ages in mucking about with multiple tweens. Just the one. Bosh. Done!

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    And you also get a very familiar friend to help you into the Javascript world!

    Go on you lot, buy it now. Or Carl will eat you. Fact.

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     How to stop on the last one  in an array?